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1.1  The client engages Styled at Home to provide the Home-staging and/or Property Maintenance Services and agrees to pay the Fees, as detailed in the quote.

1.2  The client acknowledges and agrees that services are provided after a consultation between Styled at Home and the client, however Styled at Home holds creative responsibility in respect of the final selection, styling and placement of all furniture and décor items.

1.3  The terms of this Agreement become effective upon acceptance of the Service selected and paid by the client and form a contract between Styled at Home and the Client.

1.4  The client must only use the furniture and décor items for the purpose intended and as advised by Styled at Home e.g. any item suitable for indoor use only cannot be moved outside.

1.5  No items provided by Styled at Home can be removed from the premises by either the client or anyone else not affiliated with Styled at Home.

1.6  The client must agree that any home maintenance e.g. painting must not be carried out whilst items from Styled at Home are on the premises, to avoid any damage.

1.7  Any items provided by Styled at Home that become damaged, broken, destroyed, lost or soiled whilst in the Client’s property (at no fault of Styled at Home) will make the client liable for any costs needing to replace, fix or clean the item. 

1.8  All furniture and décor items provided by Styled at Home must stay on the premises for the agreed upon term between client and Styled at Home and must not be shifted or moved out of the premises during such time except where the parties mutually agree to removal by Styled at Home.

1.9  The client must provide a key or access to their property so Styled at Home are able to access their home to provide staging services on an agreed time and date.

2.1  The client acknowledges that Styled at Home need full access to the premises on the day of staging as well as through-out the duration of the staging hire. This is so Styled at Home can provide their services to the best of their ability.

2.2  Styled at Home needs to ensure that the client is the legal owner of the house that will be staged. If not, we need consent provided by the legal owner of the property.

2.3  Where the client is the legal owner but not the occupier of the property, the client acknowledges that it has the consent of the occupier for Styled at Home to access the property and carry out the agreed services.  

3.1   A delivery date will be agreed upon by the client and Styled at Home. 

3.2   Using our home staging service does not include cleaning and we require your home to be as clean as possible for us to stage your property, and for it to be presented in the best light as possible for photos and viewings. 

3.2   The client acknowledges that a home stage may take 1 – 2 days to complete and must factor this in when it comes to professional photos, open homes and viewings.  

3.3   Styled at Home would prefer that the client/s are not at the premises on the day of staging. 

3.4   The client agrees that art work will be hung up inside the home unless discussion has taken place prior to variations of this. 

3.5 If the client reschedules date of install once this has been agreed upon, this may result in additional fees at Styled at Homes discretion. This additional fee must be paid at least 48 hours prior to the new install date. 

3.6   Styled at Home may refuse to carry out staging services if they determine that the property is unsafe, unhygienic or not fit for housing the staging Items. Styled at home may then choose to inform the client by writing as to what is then required to be able to use our services. 

4.1  If any item belonging to Styled at Home is damaged or broken, Styled at Home must be notified immediately. 

4.2  By using Styled at Homes services, the client agrees to taking care of the inventory provided, maintaining furnishings in good condition and returning it in condition in which it was received (excluding normal wear and tear). 

4.3  The client understands that all furniture and accessories belongs to Styled at Home and they are to be used at the schedule property for display purposes only. They are not to be used for any other reason other than staging. 

4.4  The client understands that they are solely liable for costs associated with damage to any items that are damaged and that this may include transportation and handing costs. 

4.5  Art work that may be hung up as part of the stage may require us to put hooks in the walls. Once the art is removed, Styled at Home is not liable to fix any small holes that may be left from art work. 

5.1  At the end of the agreed term of hire Styled at Home will arrange a time with the client to come and collect all items from the property. We will require a day to complete removal. 

5.2  If the client wishes to have staged items removed from their property earlier than the original hire period, they will not be charged for early removal. However, Styled at Home requires at least 4 days notice for this to be arranged. 

5.3  Styled at Home will not be liable for any minor damage caused by the installation or removal of furniture or items such as holes left from nails or hooks, small marks left on floors by movement of furniture and any carpet indentation left behind after display items have been removed. 

6.1  If the client wishes to extend the period of hire, Styled at Home requires 4 days notice for an extension. In such circumstances Styled at Home may, at its absolute discretion, choose to accept or reject this request. 

6.2  The client will be charged accordingly for extra weeks as required, where payment must be paid at least 48 hours prior to extra weeks commencing. 

7.1  The client understands that Styled at Home will take photos of the property for promotional material. This may include before and after photos. 

7.2  Styled at Home understand that the Client can take photos of and use the staged items in all promotions of the premises. 

8.1  All hired items shall be covered by Styled at Home insurance at no additional charge while at the Property against accidental loss or damage. (e.g. theft or earthquake/natural disaster). The Hirer is required to notify Styled at Home of any loss or damage to the Goods within 24 hours of discovery. 

8.2  Where the client has done anything that affects or voids the insurance, and Styled at Home has suffered loss or damage, the client is obligated to pay any liability resulting from this.

8.3  Styled at Home insures the home staging furniture and décor items placed within your home/property. We are also happy to provide outdoor furniture to complete the staging if required but the client must make sure that the home is adequately secured and the outdoor area is locked where appropriate.

9.1  Cancellation over 4 days prior to the stage will incur no fee. 

9.2  Cancellation can be made by either party more than 4 days before the stage is to occur and this must be made in writing. 

9.2  Cancellation of our services 4 days or less prior to staging your property will result in a 20% cancellation fee of the total quoted amount. 

9.3  Cancellation of our services on the day of the stage will mean the client receives no refund. 

9.4  Either party may terminate a contract if the other party is in breach of this agreement following the 4 day notice period in clause 9.5. 

9.5  The other party has 4 days to rectify written notice of any potential breach to this contract. 

9.6  If the client fails to amend any breach of this contract, Styled at Home reserves the right to enter the property and remove all items belonging to Styled at Home. The client indemnifies Styled at Home against any liability, damage, loss, cost, charge or expense arising directly or indirectly out of Styled at Home exercising its right of entry.


We offer our clients a free no obligation consult and quote to discuss how we can help get your home market ready with both home staging and property maintenance.

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